Commercial-scale viral vector manufacture: Technical challenges & strategic implications 

Following recent mainstream media coverage of reported supply and demand mismatch, viral vectors now dominate much of the discussion within the cell and gene therapy sector. This panel webinar will provide insight from three leading experts at the forefront of vector manufacturing, as they share their first-hand experiences in moving to commercial-scale manufacture of viral vectors including:
  • Current approaches to commercial-scale manufacture of viral vectors and the unique challenges/limitations of each.
  • Real world experience of the different upstream and downstream processes and their impact on yield, efficiency, safety, cost of goods.
  • Potential impact of vector manufacturing decisions on your business model and clinical development timeline. 
Richard Snyder, PhD
Vice President, Science & Technology, Pharma Services, Viral Vector Services
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Mike Kelly
Director, Asset Leadership, Gene Therapy
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Clive Glover
Director, Strategy
Pall Corporation
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Elisa Manzotti
CEO and Founder
BioInsights Publishing
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