This webinar will discuss multi-scale characterization as a means to gain insight toward solving key challenges in materials science. Specifically, we will highlight ongoing work at the newly established Center for 4D Materials Science at Arizona State University, including corrosion and failure studies of aluminum alloys.

We will show how combined correlative imaging approaches such as non-destructive X-ray microscopy and FIB-SEM on the same specimen provide a basis for more efficient characterization workflows and a more complete understanding of failure mechanisms. In doing so, in situ and time-lapse (4D) experiments will be discussed in detail.

The use of multiple imaging modalities will be addressed, in particular the use of diffraction contrast tomography to obtain 3D grain orientation mapping information non-destructively, and relate this information to absorption or phase contrast imaging.

Dr. Hrishikesh Bale
Applications Specialist, Materials Science
ZEISS Microscopy
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Prof. Nikhilesh Chawla
Fulton Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Arizona State University
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In situ and 4D characterization across length scales in Materials Science

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