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Today, regulators are shifting from document to data-based processes, using structured content as the source format for documentation -- and receiving much attention. While the value of structured content is recognized, moving from a traditional, page-based approach of working to processes-based on structured content pose quite a few challenges. Not only technical, but also in terms of change management and author engagement. However, the potential benefits are enormous.

In this webinar, FONTO's Jan Benedictus and AMPLEXOR's Romuald Braun will address various aspects of author engagement in structured content authoring.

Questions that will be addressed include:

  • What are the essential differences between structured and unstructured content, and how does this translate in benefits for organizations?
  • How can authors and subject matter experts be engaged in structured content authoring, which are the hurdles and which are the solutions?
  • What can be learned from successful implementations of Structured Content Authoring other industries (technical documentation, media, and publishing, regulatory) and how can this be translated to Pharma?
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Jan Benedictus
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Romuald Braun
Vice President, Strategy
AMPLEXOR Life Sciences
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