A look at the key factors in applying a professional investigation methodology.

Summary: In this webinar, SHP Editor Ian Hart will sit with David Ramsay, Group Managing Director, Kelvin TOP-SET, in a one-to-one interview, where listeners too will have the chance to put their questions to David.

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There are huge benefits from adopting a professional investigation methodology. Investigation is something that we all do naturally; we are born with both the need to learn and apply this new knowledge. This is how we develop as individuals. Companies must be ‘learning organisations’, otherwise they cannot adapt and grow. We can easily understand that when incidents occur, particularly when safety has been compromised, we need to investigate to prevent recurrence.

However, a professional investigation methodology, enables the organisation to gain information from every part of the company and hence have the knowledge to make positive changes that will improve performance and safety.

This webinar will use case study examples to show that investigation is about gaining information. Good management is applying this information to positive effect.


David K Ramsay
Group Managing Director
Kelvin TOP-SET
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Ian Hart
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