Compliance and Risk in the Food Supply Industry:

Two Case Studies

Oct 2, 2019

10AM Eastern / 9AM Central

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Today’s more and more complicated and globalized food and beverage supply chains call for systematic analysis of regulations and risk factors, while maintaining speed to market. Our tools can help with your company’s day-to-day risk evaluation, trend analysis, tran-shipping, Research and Development, and regulatory compliance.

In this webinar we will use the Decernis tools to thoroughly discuss and demo two examples:

1. Carbendazim (in Orange Juice)

  • Decernis Predictive Analytics – Carbendazim Pesticide AND Tolerance OR Residue
  • gComply – Carbendazim Substance, then Contaminants – Pesticide Residues – China – EN
  • gComply Plus – GLOBAL Carbendazim – I can’t ship it to the US, where can I ship it.
  • Supply Chain Management (Evergreen, anonymized Screenshot of Lab Analysis)
  • Live System – Create Orange Juice example
  • Food Fraud - Orange Juice – Search “Orange Juice”, show sample detail, then show analytics.

2. Regulatory Example in gC+:

  • Vitamin C as Food Additive
  • Vitamin C as Supplement
  • Vitamin C for Claims
  • Beverage Recipe with Vitamin C Drink


Kevin C. Kenny, J.D., LL.M
Chief Operating Officer
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