The Edge Is Where the Action Is!

Originally Aired January 13th, 2021

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The future Enterprise will be Edge-centric, Cloud enabled and Data driven, with workloads spawning where the data is first captured to gain immediate insights, while smart fabrics and platforms stretch from Edge to Core to Cloud for a seamless experience.

Sensing and Analytics: Redefining Compute at the Edge

Terabytes of data are being generated from enterprise digital edges such as vehicles, planes, facilities and infrastructure. The manipulation of these data sources at the edge can enable insights and intelligence to improve operations and decision-making. Real-time analytics are a required component for situational awareness at the tactical edge, making real-time signal identification, hyperspectral change detection, and video analytics with object identification possible and true combat multipliers. Ingesting and analyzing massive amounts of data require a large amount of compute capacity, operating in rugged environments, which has been out of reach until recently. The private sector has pivoted their investment dollars to enabling the Intelligent Edge, creating capabilities beyond what the Defense Department has asked for, that will now permit AI and Machine Learning to occur in the most austere environments.

Adding complexity: Cyber Security and Trusted Supply Chain

Cyber security is top of mind for the private sector, driving additional investment and requiring equipment manufacturers to build in layers of security beginning with the design phase, starting with a hardware root of trust. As we layer in defense in depth, our adversaries attack our Supply Chain, intercepting components and peripherals that underpin the security of many of our systems, introducing threats and vulnerabilities that are very hard to identify. Building a Trusted Supply Chain is table stakes when operating in the information technology infrastructure space, with companies bringing manufacturing, inspection and assembly of critical systems back into the United States.

Cloud Native Computing Everywhere

“Cloud” is a style of computing, not a place. Having exquisite hardware throughout an enterprise no longer equates to success in the information technology arena. The value of exquisite hardware is its ability to host platforms supporting Cloud Native applications that can elastically spawn as required, with immediate access to any data, wherever that data is stored. Enabling a cloud native environment with the ability to orchestrate workloads and universally access and manage data is the successful IT manager’s end goal. The future is Edge—centric, Cloud enabled and Data driven.

Attend this session to learn about:

The pivot of the private sector to Intelligent Edge computing, while demanding increased cyber security safeguards and a hardening of the trusted supply chain. We will address how large global enterprises are adopting a cloud native style of computing with elastic workloads that can spawn from Edge to Core to Cloud Service Provider, with universal access to data, regardless of where it is stored. We will describe some products and capabilities that Hewlett Packard Enterprise has built in response to these private sector industry requirements, many of which mirror Defense Department requirements.


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