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Airborne particles: where they’re from and how they affect us


Airborne particulate matter is found throughout the environment and can have potentially far-reaching effects.

Particulate matter can be natural, but can also come from anthropogenic sources (e.g. pollutants from transport, construction or industrial processes). Its effects often depend on where it is found: in the upper atmosphere, it can affect the formation of clouds, with implications for the climate, whereas in the lower atmosphere it is more likely to have negative health consequences for humans, either via inhalation or through the consumption of foods that have absorbed it.

In this webinar, the speakers will discuss how scanning electron microscopy (SEM) can help characterize airborne particulate matter -- and how that information is used and interpreted. Speakers will consider both the shape and composition of particulates, enabling a more comprehensive assessment than using size only. These issues will be addressed in the context of three topics: the capture and study of airborne particulates and their role in the climate; sources of particulate matter and their health implications; and plant uptake of particulates and downstream food effects.

This webcast will explore:

  • What analytical approaches can gather crucial particulate information in a fast and accurate manner?
  • How can the combination of compositional and morphological information on each particlehelp to determine the behaviour of particle populations?
  • How can the latest SEM-based analytical techniques be used to solve environmental problems quickly and efficiently?

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Dr. Matt Hiscock
Head of Product Science
Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis
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Prof. Ben Murray
Professor of Atmospheric Science
University of Leeds
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Alberto Sanchez-Marroquin
PhD student
University of Leeds
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Dr. Louise Hughes
Product Manager for Life Sciences
Oxford Instruments
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Dr. Jayshan Carpen
Nature Research
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