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Embedded Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Available to view On Demand

This technical seminar will cover Convolutional Neural Networks Theory, practical embedded design considerations, Renesas e-AI RZ/A2M MPU details, e-AI design flow example and the following demos

  • Vehicle Number Plate Detection
  • Shopping Basket Item Recognition
  • Real-time AI Object Recognition
  • Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Learn the workflow for CNN training and inference
  • Learn the basics of Convolution and ConvNet layers
  • Learn the evolution ConvNet across a few well-known architectures
  • Renesas’ proprietary Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor (DRP) technology can execute image pre-processing 10x faster than running sequential code in a CPU
  • Automatic speech recognition can be realized in real-time with RZ/A2M and DRP
  • Renesas new IP DRP-AI realizes AI inference without CPU processing enabling object recognition in real-time
  • The AI Board Support Package running on the RZ/G devices helps


Gianluca Filippini
ML Specialist
EBV Elektronik
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Marcus Eppert
Principal Engineer
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Phil Robinson
Embedded and IoT Expert
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