Instrumenting Cloud Security to Validate Critical Controls 

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More and more organizations and government agencies are increasing the implementation of on-premises and public cloud infrastructure.  Now that networks and workloads are more dynamic, moving across on-prem, edge, and multi-cloud environments, they are also more vulnerable. Most security issues – cloud and otherwise – happen because security professionals often do not have the means to confirm controls and strategies such as segmentation, are operating as intended.

Security Instrumentation offers a way for security practitioners to continuously measure, manage and optimize cybersecurity effectiveness. One key to improving security in the cloud is continuous environmental drift validation – being able to validate that changes in cloud network layers and security controls do not have an unforeseen or negative impact on security. By applying continuous environmental drift validation, you can ensure that data in the cloud is protected by:

  • Validating traffic paths
  • Ensuring inspection and policy enforcement is occurring as configured
  • Confirming public and private layers stay separate

Join this webinar to learn how a proactive, repeatable and measurable approach with Security Instrumentation, can enable your organization to identify risks in your security controls before a breach occurs and orchestrate the processes needed to optimize defenses.


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