Why a Trusted Pest Management Provider is the Best Choice for Disinfection and Decontamination Treatments

September 21 2020, 1 PM ET

In many employee workplaces including processing areas, offices, locker rooms and lunchrooms, demand for virus disinfection treatments continues to increase due to COVID-19. While some are suitable for public use, disinfectant products are pesticides. Requiring a number of minutes of liquid contact with viruses or other microbial targets on surfaces, disinfectants dictate considerable attention to detail in treatment protocols for efficacy, and most states require commercial applicators of pesticides to be certified.

The same demand for disinfection treatments exists for employee spaces in food processing plants. Since the food industry operates under very different protocols and rules than non-food counterparts, professional execution of pesticide treatments, including disinfection, is critical. Food industry pest management specialists are familiar with industry audit and compliance expectations. Their familiarity with industry regulations combined with their knowledge of and certification for commercial pesticide applications makes food industry pest management specialists best equipped to administer disinfectants.

Through the expert lens of a food industry pest management specialist, attendees will learn about:

  • Potential gaps associated with disinfection treatments
  • Other sanitation and anti-microbial services
  • The capabilities of disinfection treatments

Attendees will also learn about IFC’s portfolio of products and services developed to meet a range of needs from outdoor cleanup of organic wastes, to specialized food processing disinfection and gas sterilization of processing equipment and spaces.

Leonard Mongiello
Business Development & Sales Manager
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Samara E. Kuehne
Professional Editor
Food Quality & Safety

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