Electronic Batch Records – An Innovative, Agile and Affordable Approach

Originally Aired 6 November 2018

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During this 60-minute complimentary webinar you will learn about a new approach to Electronic Batch Records (EBR) and how the MODA™-Execution System from Lonza is designed to address the problem with a focus on the manufacturing process and the end user.

Our industry faces the perfect storm of rapid growth in demand, rapidly changing technology and increasing demands for speed and efficiency. To meet these needs electronic data needs to be seen as part of the workflow, not the result of it.

Jeremy Tanner, Informatics Sales and Business Development, presents and discusses the following topics:

  • How adopting a “follow-the-workflow” approach will overcome the process inefficiencies generated by quality and production silos.  
  • The benefits of building flexibility and repeatability into an EBR that aligns with the ability to implement improvements as production and testing processes evolve.
  • Why Lonza has developed an EBR for semi-automated / non-automated processes and why MES is not always the best system to choose.

The presentation lasts 45 minutes and is followed by a live Q&A session.

Presenter: Jeremy Tanner
Informatics Sales and Business Development Specialist
Lonza Bioscience Solutions
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Moderator: Mike Goetter
Director of Informatics
Lonza Bioscience Solutions
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