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Begin with the End in Mind:  Selection of an Antibody Discovery Platform

How the choice of therapeutic antibody discovery platform can impact downstream success in development and the market

Thursday, November 8, 2018

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Therapeutic antibody candidates are typically generated using three distinct approaches: antibody humanization, in vitro display platforms and genetically-engineered animals. Though humanization and in vitro display techniques may be perceived as being, respectively, either more economical or faster, both can amplify risks in later stages of development such as inadequate potency, CMC issues, adverse events from off-target binding. anti-drug antibodies (ADA), and loss of efficacy from ADAs. Perceived platform benefits can thus come at the expense of potentially costly downstream project failures during development due to problems introduced by the platform itself.

In contrast, a well-designed transgenic mouse platform can deliver candidates that meet or exceed the target product profile for activity while reducing the risk of expensive problems and failures in later stages of development. The output can be high-affinity, high potency antibodies that inherently possess desirable qualities of developability, specificity, and reduced risk of immunogenicity.

This webcast will explore the options for generating human therapeutic antibodies, taking a holistic view of the impact of platform selection on the entire discovery and development continuum. Speakers will describe the pros and cons of the different approaches and discuss key factors to consider when evaluating platforms.

This webcast will help you understand;

  • How the immune system of a well-engineered transgenic mouse enables generation of high-quality therapeutic antibody leads.
  • What factors should be considered when choosing between in vitro systems and genetically engineered animals for human antibody generation.
  • How to get the best possible results out of a transgenic mouse platform.

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