Enhancing Common Operating Pictures with AI and Advanced Computing Capabilities

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Dynamic Common Operating Pictures (COPs) are a vital part of defense and intelligence C4ISR decision support systems. They excel at providing users with situational awareness by delivering 2D and 3D views that incorporate terrain, imagery, map features, and moving indicators for friendly and adversarial assets. The value of dynamic COPs can be greatly enhanced by introducing advanced computing components that bring digital representations of the real world closer to reality while enhancing the user’s ability to analyze patterns of behavior. Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning can analyze anomalies in patterns across vast amounts of data and provide possible explanations for those anomalies. Additionally, modelling and simulation of cloud plumes, vehicles, structures, and other complex aspects can greatly enhance the user’s understanding of unfolding events.

In this webinar, you will learn how Hexagon’s Luciad platform helps defense and intelligence operators develop dynamic common operational picture applications that incorporate AI, machine learning, and advanced computing capabilities.


Kimberly Underwood
Senior Editor
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Ken Chadder
Defence Business Development Consultant
Hexagon Geospatial
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Steve du Plessis
Director of Technology and Engineering
Hexagon US Federal
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