“Error-proofing” and “Future-proofing” a Compliant Bacterial Endotoxins Test

March 23, 2021 for Europe and APAC

9 AM CET, 1:30 PM IST, 4 PM CST + SGT, 5 PM JST, 6 PM AEST

The use of robotics and automation with integrated software solutions reduces theerrors common to manual QC Microbiology testing processes saving time and resources.  Automation of BET methods with the Lonza PyroTec™ PRO Robotic System minimizes hands on interaction, reduces manual method errors and frees analyst’s time for value-added processes and data analyses. Further efficiencies are gained from the enhanced data integrity provided by fully integrated, optimized systems. Use of BET software solutions, such as the Lonza WinKQCL™ Software with global deployment, enables alignment of system configurations and methods as well as integration into systems such as LIMS and the Lonza MODA™ Solution. In addition to the use of robotics for error-proofing the assay, there is also a need to “future-proof” the supply chain of reagents. Using the Lonza PyroGene™ Recombinant Factor C (rFC) Assay removes the live animal source from the supply chain. The rFC reagent exhibits less lot-to-lot variability, and demonstrates equivalent performance when comparedto classical LAL-based assays. Combining the use of the PyroTec™ PRO Systemautomation, integrated with the WinKQCL™ Software, and the PyroGene™ rFC Assay reagents results in an “error proofed” and “future proofed” BET program.

Presenter: Ruth Noé
Senior Product Manager
Lonza BioScience Solutions
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Moderator: Katrin Pauls
Market Development and Scientific Affairs Manager
Lonza BioScience Solutions

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