Recovering from a Destructive Cyber Attack

Originally Aired on Thursday, December 17

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Threat actors continue to develop better, more advanced tactics to encrypt your organization’s data for ransom, destroying backups along the way to ensure their payday. There are many tools, capabilities and techniques to build resilience to counter these threats, but there are few standards to help. How do you know what to do and whether it will actually protect you?

Please join Jim Clancy—SVP, Global Data Protection Sales and Jim Shook—Director of the Cybersecurity and Compliance Practice, as they discuss the threat landscape, data vaults, content analytics and “immutability”; how these capabilities may not deliver what you expect; and how you can design a strategy to protect against the full array of destructive threat actors. You will learn more about:

  • The nature and types of cybercrime and cyber actors
  • The regulatory environment and best practice guidance
  • Secure data vaults and the operation of the Dell Cyber Recovery Solution
  • The role and importance of analytics


Jim Clancy
Senior Vice President, Global Data Protection Sales
Dell Technologies
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Jim Shook
Director of the Cybersecurity and Compliance Practice
Dell Technologies
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George Seffers
Director, Content Development and Executive Editor
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