Reducing Risk and Improving Visibility in the Multi-Cloud World

Originally Aird: June 13th, 2019

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Reducing Risk and Improving Visibility in the Multi-Cloud World

Digital Transformation and IT Modernization are changing the way that agencies deliver services.  The IT team is forced to look at new technologies and methodologies to transform workloads and the data center.  Most often, cloud technologies are the most likely candidates to drive this change.  However, cloud and virtualization choices have limited IT’s visibility which has led to longer outages, increased mission risk and dissatisfied users.  As workloads are transformed, the sheer number of workloads results in complexity that was never before imagined.  These changes result in significant risk as the cyber-attack surface is greatly increased.

This online event will discuss:

  • Digital Transform trends in the commercial environment
  • The challenges posed with virtualization and cloud technologies
  • How to maintain visibility regardless of where applications are deployed
  • Maintaining control as workloads are transformed
  • Reducing risk through a robust visibility platform


Bob Ackerman
Editor in Chief
SIGNAL Magazine
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Russ Currie
Vice President of Enterprise Strategy
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