Speak to Me, Not to the MD:
Find out how important it is for brands to engage healthcare professionals 
personally and emotionally

Speak to Me, Not to My MD

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

1:00 PM ET/ 10:00 AM PT

Most healthcare communications are created with a one-size-fits-all orientation. It intuitively makes sense to present all doctors with the same facts about a product’s efficacy and side effects, because science is core to their training. But when the annual Wunderman Thompson Health Inertia Study demonstrated that targeting consumers’ personal motivations is the most effective way brands can break what it calls health inertia and inspire action, the agency wondered if this is also true of healthcare professionals.   
In its 2019 study, the agency found that appealing to doctors’ personal motivations is indeed significantly more successful in creating more impactful communications, in motivating action and in actually changing behaviors. And when this personalized communication is adjunctively flighted with more emotional content, the study found an additional lift in effectiveness.  
At a time when healthcare providers are under intense pressure to navigate an overwhelming amount of content with less time, it is essential that brands invest in communications that break through to them personally rather than communications that reinforce inertia.
During this webinar, Becky Chidester, Dr. Destry Sulkes, Mark Truss and Nichole Davies of Wunderman Thompson Health will: 
  1. Unveil findings from the third annual Wunderman Thompson Health Inertia Study
  2. Discuss the steps healthcare brands can take to leverage behavioral economics and research insights to develop high-impact, personalized creative content
  3. Share how brands can use data and technology to create streams of dynamic content that expose the right messages to the right audiences at the right times to inspire action 

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Nichole Davies
Chief Strategy Officer
Wunderman Thompson Health
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Destry Sulkes
Chief Experience Officer
Wunderman Thompson Health
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Mark Truss
Global Director of Brand Intelligence
Wunderman Thompson Health
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