Human Resources’ Guide to Engaging a Modern Workforce in Senior Living

Thursday, February 20, 2020


Senior living leaders face the unique challenge of engaging a multi-generational, digital and mobile workforce. Research shows there’s a gap in the kinds of experiences employees want to have at work and the experiences they’re actually having.

A new employee engagement study highlights common barriers that prevent senior living organizations from giving employees what they need to create an engaged workforce:

  • Budget, due to the mindset that pay and benefits are sufficient
  • Wrong or ineffective tools
  • Lack of buy-in from the executive team

Join Miriam Wallace, SPHR, vice president, human resources, at Presbyterian Homes, as she gives advice on how to overcome the barriers to strategic recognition and give members of your modern workforce what they value: timely, consistent and fair recognition wherever they are.

Miriam Wallace
VP of HR
Presbyterian Homes
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Alexandra Powell
US Director of Client Culture and Engagement
Reward Gateway
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