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Beyond the Buzzword: Building Lasting Connections Today and Tomorrow

Wednesday, July 8, 2020


The move to digital-first was already underway before Covid-19. The global pandemic has accelerated the shift, widening the gap between those who are able to pivot their communications approach and those who aren’t. Those who walk the walk and those at odds with what their customers, employees, and stakeholders want and need.

In an increasingly crowded digital world, how can you build and maintain productive connections with the people who matter to your business? And in our new normal, do your audiences even want them?

Through the lens of our Connected Content approach, this session will look to answer those questions by helping you: 

  • Make sense of what today’s landscape looks like
  • Stand out when so many businesses pivot their approach at the same time
  • Build an aligned, impactful, and truly digital-first approach that will allow you to most effectively:
  • Tell it: Your brand story and ensure your corporate and consumer communications reinforce one another
  • Build it: Create an agile, intelligent digital ecosystem
  • Run it: Create an audience experience to best serve your audience’s need
  • Find it: Use performance marketing tactics so your content works harder, so you don’t have to


Rachael Zahn
VP, Marketing & Sales Optimization
Investis Digital
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Lucy Hartley
Director, Creative Content
Investis Digital
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