Model Ambulance Masterclass

12.30 - 13.15 Friday 28 June 2019

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Model Ambulance Masterclass: How to use and navigate the new digital improvement tools for providers of ambulance services
12.30 Friday 28 June 2019

In the first of our masterclass series for ambulance services, our speakers will demonstrate how to explore and navigate the newly developed Model Ambulance Service portal. Established for all to use, the tools help providers of ambulance services identify opportunities for improvement.
The Model Ambulance Service portal has an ambulance specific compartment which displays sub-compartments for specific areas, including control centre and operational, but also ranging from staff productivity to resource efficiency and clinical quality. Metrics within the compartments refer to job cycle time, staff minutes per incident and the top symptom groups which can be compared across the sector. 
Developed in collaboration with ambulance trusts, users can log onto the portal and dive deeper into their data to see what good looks like with their peers and look for improvement opportunities, comparing aspects such as demand and performance, activations and responses, conveyances and non-conveyances.
This masterclass will focus on how to understand and interpret the metrics, and where users can meaningfully identify improvement opportunities. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and comment on any of the topics raised throughout the webinar.

Join this webinar for your opportunity to learn more about:

  • How to use the Model Ambulance Service portal and where to get support;
  • The metrics and how to interpret them;
  • How to compare yourself with your peers and identify opportunities;
  • Our plan for future developments.

Who should attend?

This webinar will be useful to all senior staff, managers and clinicians both within the sector and outside the sector, or anyone with an interest in ambulance services.


Rayshum Notay
Relationship Manager, Model Hospital
NHS England and NHS Improvment
David Sayers
Principal Analyst, Model Hospital - Sector Development
NHS England and NHS Improvement
Natasha Abraham
Ambulance Implementation Lead
NHS England & NHS Improvement
David Sore
Data Analyst, Model Hospital
NHS England & Improvement
Mark Gough
Senior Ambulance Lead
NHS England & NHS Improvement