Reporting Brand Health and Reputation to the C-Suite

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Brand health has become top-of-mind for every large enterprise. With over sixty percent of a company's valuation tied to brand reputation, the C-Suite and Board of Directors are hyper-vigilant on building and protecting brand health. At the same time, companies realize the tremendous power of creating purpose-driven brands that connect with their many stakeholders and audiences.

In today's fast-moving digital landscape, how can communications teams inform the C-Suite on the health and safety of their brands? How do organizations accurately measure the impact of their brand's narratives -- quickly and accurately? 

Join Zignal Labs for an informative webcast where they will explore the new data science behind measuring brand health: 

  • The modern metrics for measuring brand health and reputation
  • Identify potential risks to an organization's brand reputation
  • Aligning communications activities with key business objectives and narratives
  • Establishing a reporting structure that delivers accurate and timely reports to the C-Suite

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