Wiley Science Talks with Cochrane: Understanding Health Evidence—A COVID-19 Case Study

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A health crisis like the coronavirus pandemic generates volumes of information that is ever-changing. Journalists must interpret medical data to determine what is reliable and investigate countless sources to uncover trustworthy experts. Cochrane Reviews are a dependable source of high-quality health evidence that journalists can trust to inform their news articles. In this webinar Cochrane Library Editors will share their expertise to help reporters:

  • Understand the Cochrane systematic review methodology and apply it to critical health questions
  • Recognize the importance of using the right data
  • Learn how to spot bad research studies or reviews
  • Identify reliable research experts and data sources
  • Appreciate that communicating science results is hard and how to avoid incorrect interpretations

The hour-long webinar will include time for questions and answers.

NOTE: Wiley Science Talks webinars are recorded for on-demand viewing.


Karla Soares-Weiser
Editor in Chief
Cochrane Library
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Toby Lasserson
Deputy Editor in Chief
Cochrane Library
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