Ask the Experts: How Mycoplasma Contamination Affects Results and Reproducibility

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As one of the most common, yet elusive, contaminants of mammalian cell cultures, mycoplasma is a pervasive and parasitic species of highly infectious bacteria that often remains undiscovered by scientists. Estimated to contaminate between 15-35% of all continuous cell cultures worldwide, this microorganism is often undetected due to its small size and failure to produce noticeable changes in pH or turbidity. Mycoplasma not only causes infections in cell cultures, but also uses its subtle morphology to progressively create adverse effects on cellular functions.

Join experts from WiCell and Wiley as they discuss the impacts of mycoplasma contamination and the importance of preventative measures to avoid such contamination. The panel of speakers will address these issues from multiple perspectives, providing insight from the cell banking industry, operational lab management, and issues that arise with mycoplasma contamination when publishing research. This webinar is designed for any and all researchers performing cell culture who would like to learn more about methods in which they can prevent contamination for healthier cells, and why this is an extremely important topic from several professional viewpoints.

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Seth Taapken
Director of Operations
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Tenneille Ludwig
WiCell Stem Cell Bank
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Dr. Jessica Lawler
Current Protocols Developmental Editor
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Jeremy Petravicz, PhD
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