Exclusive Webinar: Unlocking the New World of Strategic Employee Engagement and Recognition - Featuring Josh Bersin

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Eighty-plus years of research has proven that humans need three things to be motivated and engaged at work: respect for what they do, purpose in what they do, and strong relationships with their colleagues, managers, and company.

In this webinar Josh Bersin will unlock the new world of strategic employee engagement and recognition, and reveal the drivers that increase engagement scores and make a positive impact on business results.

During this session attendees will:

  • Learn what strategic employee engagement and recognition is and the key components to a successful strategy as compared to traditional approaches
  • Review best practices for implementing strategic employee engagement and recognition programs
  • Hear examples of how HR leaders have embraced technology to increase employee motivation and reduce churn
  • Understand the results of recognition-based strategic employee engagement
Josh Bersin
Industry Analyst and Thought Leader
Bersin Partners
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