Change for the Better: Leading Successful Transformation

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The ever accelerating rate at which change occurs makes it really important that individuals not only ensure they are able to cope effectively but that they also understand how, working with others, they can both support and be supported when changes happen. In organisations this means that leaders need to understand the mechanics (what & how) of any change; the rationale (why) and the emotional impact it can have on those working for them. It is the latter that potentially presents the greatest challenge.

Most significant changes are taken at a high level and it becomes the role of the leader to ensure that the change is successfully implemented even although they were not necessarily party to the actual decision.
Often it is a feeling of having no control that leads people to be wary of changes and frequently to resist or fail to adapt to the change. Consequently many changes fail to provide the improvements hoped for and that failure leads to a negative spiral of how people view and react to future proposed changes. This needn’t be the case where a realistic and sensitive approach is applied.  

Our webinar aims to give some pointers on how to generate a more positive view of change through understanding and addressing the emotional impacts that change brings.


Who should attend?

This webinar would be especially useful for team leaders and managers who have responsibility for implementing significant changes affecting those that report to them. It would also prove useful for anyone who wants to understand how to help themselves and colleagues deal with change as effectively as possible.

How will I benefit?
Attendees will find that this webinar provides the following:

  • Ideas to help yourself be better at dealing with change
  • An understanding of the common barriers to change
  • Pointers on how to recognise the distinct stages that individuals go through when subjected to change
  • A range of actions that will reduce the barriers to change and help others implement change more readily

Key Topics

  • Categories of change
  • Why people resist change
  • Change curve stages and typical behaviours
  • Assisting others with change
  • The change process
Liz Bennett
Head of Consultancy
Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Rob Austin-Goodall
Business Development Manager
Institution of Mechanical Engineers

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