Agile Content Creation- Seizing Newsworthy Opportunities to Build your Brand
Thursday, September 20, 2018

Content is the fuel for your marketing machine. When done right, compelling content educates and engages audiences, increases brand affinity and fuels sales.
Yet what can brands learn from the real-time nature of a newsroom?  How should teams change their mindset and structure to create content that’s timely, relevant and impactful?
In this webinar, you’ll hear from a former Wall Street Journal editor about devising a strategy for a modern communications and marketing team that mimics the agile operations of a newsroom.

You’ll learn:
·  Strategies for creating daily content while also crafting longer-form stories
·  When and how to take advantage of trending news stories - and use the right channels to spread the word
·  Leveraging real-time media analytics to devise your content, campaign and influencer strategies
·  Hiring the right talent for agile content creation


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David Patton
Director, Digital Media
Vulcan Inc.
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Nancy Boas
Director of Product Marketing
Zignal Labs
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