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Legislation Labyrinth: Navigating Global Privacy Laws Along the IT Asset Lifecycle

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As if cyberthreats weren’t enough, consumer privacy laws have put increased pressure on IT leaders to keep personal or sensitive data from being breached. This includes mandates to immediately and thoroughly respond to data deletion requests, data retention expirations, and other cases of no-longer-needed data across your entire data network.

Drawing on industry research, best practices and case studies, we’ll explore why enterprises must address end-of-life data more efficiently and precisely than ever before. We’ll also look at how to target regulated data within traditional endpoints (including remote workplaces), live environments (onsite or in the cloud) and decommissioned IT assets (drives and devices). You’ll also learn how application integrations and cross-vendor cooperation can help you comply with regulations and secure your data.

Session takeaways include:

  • An overview of global privacy legislation and initiatives
  • How worldwide media sanitization guidelines have shifted from DoD to NIST 800-88 r1
  • The differences between magnetic HDD storage andSSD storage and why your current erasure methods might not suffice for both
  • The drawbacks of physical destruction, reformatting and other data destruction methods
  • How to securely remove sensitive data at home and on-prem for a post-Covid workforce
  • How to address sensitive data in the cloud (includingAWS and Azure public clouds) and overcome data migration “spillage”
  • Best practices for automation and integration into third-party asset management solutions like ServiceNow



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Fredrik Forslund
Vice President, Enterprise & Cloud Erasure Solutions
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