Multichannel Trends Report 2017

With consumer shopping habits continuing to evolve, fashion retailers need to keep on top of developing trends. This report, produced in association with Klarna and HSO, analyses some of the key developments currently shaping the market.  
Roundtable: Which trends are driving the market? Drapers brought together a panel of leading retailers including Net-a-Porter, Avenue 32 and Jack Wills to discuss a range of topics, from why a mobile-first strategy is important to whether or not editorial content really works on retail websites.
Creating a connected customer experience: Fashion consumers expect a cohesive, joined up experience, no matter which channel they are shopping in. However, it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to achieve this. Drapers finds out what the challenges are and how to surmount them.
Cyber-crime: Retail’s new battle-front: Cyber security and potential data breaches are big news, and fashion retailers who don’t keep their shoppers’ data well protected from ever more advanced criminals face potentially serious consequences.
The future of payments: With fashion consumers demanding ever faster and more convenient ways to pay, the payments market is continuing to evolve. Drapers finds out what the latest innovations are.
Maximising your inventory: With more and more consumers now expecting products at discount, fashion retailers need to make their inventory work harder than ever before in order to avoid mark-down. Drapers finds out what the challenges are.


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