What do customers want online?

What do customers want online?

This is, no doubt, the question keeping most digital directors and heads of ecommerce up at night. The answer, however, is much harder to come by.
To try and identify some of the key things shoppers are looking for from fashion brand and retailer websites, Drapers has partnered with GS1 UK to produce this report, where we have surveyed a nationally representative pool of 2,000 UK consumers to find out what they want to see online today, and what they hope to get from their digital shopping experience in the future.
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  • Why just 31% of consumers want a more tailored online experience, and how this changes across age group
  • That while 60% of consumers do not feel comfortable providing personal data, the measures you can put in place to convince them of the benefits of doing so
  • How 73% of consumers will return an item if it doesn’t match the product description online
  • That while 58% of consumers most expect to see next day delivery, options such as same day are increasing in importance
  • And how a massive 73% of consumers are willing to wait longer for a free delivery

We hope you enjoy this report, and as ever, we would love to hear your feedback.
Email: james.knowles@emap.com
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