Scandalous videos, bad reviews, negative comments — the internet is full of them! Question is, are any currently damaging your brand’s image?
If a potential customer searches for your business online and stumbles across unfavourable content, what will you do about it? Many people believe there isn’t a solution to this 21st–century problem. Luckily, there is: online reputation management (ORM).
Mediaworks’ latest webinar, The Internet Never Forgets: ORM for You and Your Brand will show you how to protect and improve your digital image in a world where everyone is searching online.

Hear it from the experts

Sign up, tune in and join our Head of Search Kevin Strong as he discusses how proactive online reputation management can positively affect both personal searches and Google’s AutoSuggest feature.

The webinar will also provide answers to the following questions:
  • What are the common threats associated with ORM and how easily can your brand be affected?
  • How can you assess these threats and contain them?
  • Why is a communication plan important?
  • Where do I start when it comes to tracking brand searches and cleaning up any negative results?
  • Why is it sometimes worse to draw attention to an issue when trying to sort out the problem?

Kev Strong
Head of Search
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The Internet Never Forgets: ORM for You and Your Brand

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