With so many brands pushing their products and services, it can be difficult to stand out online. From free delivery to exceptional service levels, customers now expect more as standard. The question is: are you doing enough?

Engaging with customers is crucial to maximising sales, gaining a loyal following and positioning your brand as an expert. If this isn’t a priority for your brand, you could be missing out on a potentially lucrative market share.

So how do you do it? A blog could be the answer…

Join our Head of Creative, Craig Bradshaw, for our latest webinar titled Why Blogs Are Big Business. Taking place on Wednesday 27th May at 1pm, Craig will be sharing some top tips, as well as covering the following topics:

·         What are the benefits of setting up a blog for your brand?

·         What topics should your blog cover?

·         How often should I post?


·         How can I make my brand’s blog the best it can be?

Craig Bradshaw
Head of Creative
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Why Blogs Are Big Business

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