Social media is big business today, but are you using the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for your brand’s ad campaigns? If not, you could be losing out on thousands of potential customers.

The facts really are in the figures. There were almost 1.4 billion active Facebook users, around 284 million active Twitter users and an estimated 347 million active LinkedIn members towards the end of 2014.

Can you imagine having an eye-catching advert on each of these social media channels which can be spotted by all of those users and members? Our latest webinar will explain how to achieve just that.

Our Head of PPC, Hannah Mattinson, will take you through the steps required to set up effective ad campaigns on all three social media giants. During the webinar, you will learn:
  • The specific benefits of having ads on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • How to integrate your social media ad campaigns with your other advertisement strategies.
  • The variety of demographics on each of the social media channels.
Hannah Mattinson
Head of PPC
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Social PPC: New Platforms, New Audiences, New Sales 

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