Giving to Heritage: An Introduction to Social Investment - On Demand

We are joined for this webinar by Rohan Martyres and Greg Woolley from CAN, experts in the field of Social Investment who will provide an insight into this area and overview of the following;
  • Social investment – what is it?
  • Social investment – is it right for your organisation?
  • Investment readiness – what is it and how to do it?

The webinar draws on experiences and case studies of heritage based organisations, where appropriate and the aim is for organisations to leave the webinar with a better idea of what social investment, and whether it or not should be further explored for their organisation at this point in time. 

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Rohan Martyres
Director of Impact & Investment Strategy
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Greg Woolley
Social Business Analyst / Investment Fund Manager
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Ed Stannard
Development Officer
Institute of Fundraising

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