In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, it seems everybody is clamouring for one thing: links. But are they really the holy grail of rankings?

Google uses over 200 ranking factors to determine the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) position a site should occupy. As links are just one of these factors, you could be spending too much time, money and effort on stockpiling citations and mentions from third party sites. In short, could these efforts be better spent on more neglected areas of your digital strategy?

Hear it from the experts

Join our Head of Creative, Craig Bradshaw, for our latest webinar titled Effective Outreach: More Links or More Money? During the event, Craig will discuss why you shouldn’t make link volume numbers the sole target of your organic search campaign. He will cover:

  • ·         Why links are largely irrelevant to a campaign’s performance.
  • ·         The alternative metrics and KPIs you should be targeting instead.
  • ·         How to implement these methods to maximise rankings and user engagement.
Craig Bradshaw
Head of Creative
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Effective Outreach: More Links or More Money?

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