Protective and lubricious coatings for complex components in the medical, aerospace, defense and automotive sectors


This webinar is aimed at helping engineers determine where Parylene coatings may be the solution to their protection and lubricity challenges.

The increased miniaturisation of components has created challenges most conformal coatings just cannot address.

Parylene coatings are highly lubricious, dry film and environmentally protective conformal coatings applied to metals, elastomers, electronics, glass, ceramics and plastics.

Parylene coatings are particularly suited to high-reliability industries, including medical, aerospace, defense and automotive, which all place ever-increasing demands on product confidence and performance.

Our webinar will look at how Parylene’ s unique environmental barrier and lubricious properties applied in microns and even angstroms can overcome many design challenges. Advanced adhesion methods will be discussed for low surface energy substrates, including noble metals and polymers such as polyimide.

Case studies will help build a picture of where Parylene’s properties can benefit a host of applications, solving sticking/tackiness and increasing product reliability and performance.

In many cases, the application of Parylene is critical to the functional aspect of the design where otherwise the device or subassembly would fail.

Jon Excell
Editor / Content Director
The Engineer
Jason Delaney
Technical Sales Manager

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