On demand: Enhancing Your Product Design with Simulation

Would you ever walk out on stage without rehearsing or show up to an exam without studying? So, why would you launch a product without testing and analyzing it first? With simulation software you can validate your product quickly and easily – without the need for an advanced degree. Simulation software has significant business benefits as well.

Simulation is the virtual, mathematical process by which a computer processes input data intended to represent certain ‘real world’ conditions. Ideally you describe the stresses and loads under which your product will operate and then, based on simulation results, either fix design flaws or forestall them.

Simulation allows you to optimize your design, as opposed to iterating and then testing each of the iterations you come up with. You can create feasibility and optimization studies to achieve goals. For example, you may want to optimize part thickness to not exceed the maximum allowable stress. If you can measure it, you can optimize it.

Invest 60 min of your day and ...

  • Learn why simulation needs to be part of the product design process
  • See how easy-to-use modern simulation software is
  • Identify areas where you could use simulation for your designs
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