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Explore our great range of webinars, eBooks, video case studies and additional marketing material to inspire you to run outstanding online events.

Growth Capital Ventures Case Study

Growth Capital Ventures

Check out what it's like to choose one of our Self-Service packages, as we talk to Growth Capital Ventures about the benefits they experienced by choosing WorkCast for their online events

Software AG Case Study


UBM successfully ran webinars through the WorkCast managed service and wanted to take a more hands on approach by moving to a self-service webinar package. Watch the video to hear how this was a natural progression for UBM's webinars. 


CBI chose WorkCast to stream their annual conference, with a host of world-renowned guest speakers, once again, continuing our fantastic working relationship. Discover their thoughts on why WorkCast were the only choice for them when it came to streaming their flagship event!

Seneca College

We take a look at how Seneca College based in Toronto, Canada came to WorkCast to create a virtual college open house to engage with new students. With a fully branded experience including registration form, emails and virtual environment Seneca maximised engagement with live and on demand presentations and live chat Q&A. 

Software AG Case Study

Software AG

Software AG were keen to stage their first ever virtual event to promote their latest product release. With multiple keynote speakers, breakout sessions and live text Q&A, Software AG were keen to maximise audience engagement. 

MEED Case Study


We spoke with Eugene Kerrigan, MEED’s director of marketing solutions, shortly after successfully helping them run their first MEED Live event. We're happy to report that since then, with the support of a WorkCast event manager remotely taking care of their stream from WorkCast HQ, MEED continue to successfully deliver weekly events to great effect.

Infosecurity Magazine Case Study

Infosecurity Magazine

Infosecurity Magazine is dedicated to providing free, high quality educational content to the Information Security Sector. In order to diversify their channels, they developed their own virtual events with CPD certification and turned them into a strong branding and sponsorship opportunity.

Durham Business School Case Study

Durham University Business School

Durham University Business School (DUBS) wanted to use their Virtual Open Day to amplify student recruitment for international and home students whilst improving the overall pre-application experience.

Packaging News Case Study

Packaging News

The Packaging News team were keen to translate, and build upon, the success of their physical events and begin running webinars. Learn how Packaging News utlised exisiting video content to create engaging webinars.



GlaxoSmithKline is a worldwide brand, familiar to many, who supply global healthcare products. As such, they wanted to discover a better way to communicate to that global audience.


Wiley are a highly-respected industry name in the world of academic publishing. Their team of skilled professionals recognised the growing influence of technology on their communications.

AkzoNobel Case Study


Traditional-style meetings were proving costly for AkzoNobel Decorative Paints UKI. They needed a more cost-effective way for their senior business executives to engage with the company's vast workforce.

Ultimate Webinar Handbook

Ultimate Webinar Handbook

This eBook is for you if you are already creating webinars, recently started to create them or you are just considering running webinars. Reading this eBook will help you create, plan, promote and deliver successful webinars that can be used on all the stages of your Marketing Funnel.

Virtual College Open House eBook

Create Engaging Webinar Content

In this eBook we take a look at how to create the perfect webinar presentation that will engage your audience. We look at your target audience, webinar environment, PowerPoint slides, videos and composing your content.

Virtual Trade Show eBook

Guide to Virtual Trade Shows & Events

Virtual Trade Shows are a type of Virtual Event, run entirely in an online environment, that people register to view. Attendees can navigate around this online environment that, much like a physical trade show, includes areas such as; Networking Lounges, Specific Zones and Sponsor Booths.

UK Webinar Report 2017

The UK Webinar Report 2017

Collating four years of UK-based webinar data, this definitive report contains charts, graphs and helpful insights on the UK virtual events market. Finding the right formula for your webinar campaign is critical and there are pieces of information within this report that should not be ignored.

Virtual College Open House eBook

Virtual College Open House eBook

WorkCast’s Complete Guide To Planning, Running and Promoting Virtual Open Houses can get you and your college/university started! In this eBook, the benefits of and science behind Virtual Open Houses is explained, hopefully breaking down those barriers to understanding how one works!

The Complete Guide to Sponsored Webinars

The Complete Guide to Sponsored Webinars

Within this eBook, you'll be taken through the various processes and steps that you and your business must go through in order make inroads into those revenue streams, that Online Event Sponsorship can bring.

The Modern Recruiter

The Modern Recruiter's Guide to Online Events

This Free eBook will show you how to make use of tools that marketers use, like video content and webinars in order to attract new business, the best candidates and consolidate your presence in the online world

Webinars for Nonprofits

Webinars for Nonprofits

Find out the basics of webinars and their benefits in this Free eBook, and expert tips on how they can benefit your nonprofit, with a step-by-step guide on how to create your own event!

Webinar checker

Your Webinar Connection Checker

Here we take a look at your ability to watch online events. We'll run a couple of tests on your setup, just to see which stream is best for your browser and device. And remember, you can watch events on the WorkCast platform on your device, anywhere.

Insite Webinar Learning Portal

WorkCast Insite - Webinar Learning Portal

Need a little help creating your own events? Take a look through our range of useful articles and short webinars on how to create your own self service webinars with in the WorkCast platform.

Insite Webinar Learning Portal

WorkCast Weekly Tips - Webinar Series

Tune in every Friday at 2pm UK Time to learn how to master a different aspect of the WorkCast Platform every week!

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