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Drive webinar leads directly into your Marketing workflows. WorkCast webinars integrate and embed into your Marketing Automation platformWorkCast is flash free and requires no plugins. Webinars that work on any device reach up to 47% more live attendees. WorkCast was created for video. Video content added to webinars increases engagement by over 30% Stream to Facebook Live, YouTube and many more. Join the webinar revolution with live streaming webinars Webinars that can be embedded in any web page. Create unique webinar experiences, in any CMS Live webinars are 8 times more engaging than on-demand onlyUnderstand and grow your webinar program. Advanced analytics to continuously improve your online events and lead quality

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Core Capabilities

The WorkCast Platform has a truly extensive range of features and capabilities that we have built and regularly update. We know our customers are amongst the most creative webinar and online events producers around. So, we regularly converse with them and listen to their suggestions when it comes to planning and developing new, exciting innovations for our platform.

The list below highlights just some of them, as we are constantly adding new capabilities to the platform. Take a look! And please, don't hesitate to talk to us if you would like to try something new or bring a different event experience to your audience!

Managed Events

Our standard support is exceptional and when customers want live support, our monitored event service provides everything they need to run their events with confidence.

However, some customers want us to take full control of their event, leaving them free to focus on content and marketing.

Our Managed Event Service is the full 'white glove' treatment. We set up the event, registration workflow, reminder emails, run rehearsals, help presenters and publish the event. We also provide a dedicated Event Manager during the live event, who is there to operate the event with the customer. If you want to scale up your webinar program or just want the peace of mind of knowing we are on your team, talk to us about Managed Events.

Self Service

WorkCast is the definitive Self-Service Platform for Webinars and Online Events.

We strive to make all events really easy to set up and run. Our event experience templates mean you can create outstanding events, in just a few clicks. Running a live event with WorkCast is straightforward.Our support team and resources will give you all the assistance and information needed to help you innovate within your events.

The WorkCast onboarding process is the key to making this work, as we set up all the templates needed in your account, so all that you have to do is click to create the planned event experience.

Webinars, webcasts and even virtual events can all be self-served.

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Live Event Monitoring & Check

We introduced our Monitored Service based on feedback from customers.

Some clients wanted to know that we could respond within seconds if any questions arose just before and during a live event.

To meet this goal, our Monitoring team are constantly supervising all live events running on the platform and will proactively oversee the attendee experience, platform data, as well as advanced analytics on attendee behavior, to spot any potential issues.

The WorkCast Platform has full cover for live events, so we can respond to issues and resolve them within seconds. Also, we are always a click or call away if you have any questions for us. As we are already monitoring your events, we are able to respond instantly.


Email Support/Online Learning Portal

Our support is world class and operates round the clock from our Seattle and the UK offices. The teams work together to provide fast feedback and ensure our experts are always available for you. 

We know that running webinars is time critical and waiting for support responses is not viable. Through our focused and committed team we generally respond in minutes with succinct and knowledgeable information. 

We also run weekly tips webinars and publish a vast archive of webinar recordings that helps you get the most from your webinar program. 

Finally, our inSite support portal is the definitive guide to pretty much everything you can do on WorkCast and with Webinars in general. We pride ourselves on the best support in the webinar world!

Reporting & Analytics

Understanding every aspect of your webinars and events program is critical for marketers and event professionals.

Our detailed reporting allows you to maximise the value of the data and leads. We also know that many events have presenters and sponsors who need access to real time reports and data.

To make this incredibly easy, our users can filter and create custom reporting links to share reports. WorkCast are at the forefront of data protection legislation such as GDPR, ensuring your data can be legally used when and how you need it.

Audience Engagement

Engagement is often the difference between a great event and mediocre one.

The WorkCast platform's support for video and media embedded within slides, means that from the onset, you can design content that engages much more effectively.

On top of this, there are many interactive ways to get your audience focusing and interacting with your speakers and event.

Polls, chat, moderated questions are a great starting point. We also support in-stream webcams (picture-in-picture so they work on any device) and screen share, to add extra depth.

Documents and links are easily attached, along with question and answer certifications for CPD/CPE or employee on-boarding. If you get into our multi-session or virtual events, you can direct attendees between different parts of the event (Libraries, Lobbies, Exhibition Stands etc.)

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Your Branding

WorkCast is built to be as flexible as any web page.

This means that, like your website, your webinars and events can look any way you want them to.

Our event templates can be created to completely match your brand or required event experience. Then, every time you want to use that experience for future events, you simply create an event from the event template.

This provides you with total brand control over every aspect of the event, from registration and emails, to live experience and On Demand recordings.

CRM Integration

Many marketers rely heavily on their Marketing Automation platform.

Webinars have become one of the most effective lead generation and nurturing options available.

To make sure you get your event data, whenever you need it, we have built-in extensive integrations with many Marketing Automation platforms and we are constantly adding more.

The easy to use integrations allow you to match fields with your MA platforms, facilitating the automated push of data every few minutes. You webinar program will continually feed data from registrations, Live and On Demand events. So, the more events you run, the more leads you generate.

We also have an embedded webinar integration, that allows Live and On Demand webinars to be embedded directly into your CMS or Marketing Automation platform. Doing this, you can create the event workflow in the MA platform and also natively keep data within it too.

Templated Events

We pride ourselves in our platform’s ability to support amazing designs and exciting experiences, throughout the event lifecycle.

This includes registration, email reminders, the event auditorium and the On Demand version. However, we know that an event setup to this degree can be time consuming and require specialist design skills. To guarantee you can make the best possible events, without a load of work, we created event templates. Templates are basically a blueprint for your event and include every configuration or design aspect - they can even include specific social media integrations or security restrictions.

When you create an event from a template, all the setup and design is done for you, automatically. You just need to set the date, give it a title and hit create!

To really get the best from templates, we are creating a range of amazing event experiences that you can simply click and apply. We want to make sure that every event is different and exciting for your audience. We also support custom templates, specific for you. If you decide to choose a custom template, we will design the experience to meet your specific brand and event goals. You can then create stunning events that use this customised experience.

Multi-session Events

The WorkCast Platform is designed to support webinars and webcasts natively. We also support Live, On Demand and replay events. Great building blocks - right?

The platform also supports events where you perhaps want to run more than just a single webinar. You may want to have 2 separate webinar sessions, or a pre-recorded video and a webinar. Even a lobby, with 5 different webinar sessions, at different start times. What about a panel discussion with separate breakout rooms after the presentation, to discuss the key points in a smaller group?

With multi-session online events, the possibilities are endless. Your online events can be thought of as building blocks, where you can create the environment you want, with any Live, On Demand or recorded content included.

Each can be in their own branded auditorium. You can also add in sponsor rooms, exhibition halls, chat rooms and libraries. You can build events that meet your vision.

Instream Technology

In-stream technology is the backbone of the WorkCast Platform. WorkCast is built to support video natively. This means that our events are essentially video streams - but the content is often not pure video. Our content will generally be slides, but alongside that, additional content like webcams, embedded replay videos in slides and audio from phone bridges.

The unique point, is that we wrap all this up into live video streams.

Doing this gives WorkCast three distinct advantages over all our competitors:

1) Easier access for attendees: all devices support video, so viewers can watch without the need to download plugins or apps. Video is supported on every device today, but also on any future device.

2) As we distribute content as video, we can add video to our webinars as picture-in-picture or embedded into powerpoint slides. This means that if you want your events on a phone, the webcams and video will be there and be in sync.

3) As video streams are an internet standard, our events can be syndicated to other services. e.g. WorkCast webinars can be pushed into Facebook Live. The opportunities for in-stream are vast and we continue to be excited about the benefits and opportunities this technology uniquely provides the WorkCast Platform.

Live Video Streaming

WorkCast is both a webinar platform and a live video streaming platform.

This means all the features of a webinar can be used in live video streaming events. There are many ways to do live streaming today, but making a stream into an event is what businesses and marketers generally want to achieve. Just like with webinars, generating leads, managing data, reporting and providing audience engagement are critical. WorkCast provides live video streaming with all the event features you can envisage.

With good live video streaming, there needs to be good live video production. WorkCast provide a fully managed production and live streaming service, ideal for corporate town hall or to stream physical events.

We also provide self-service video streaming options, either through our ‘Stream Machine’ (where we ship a pre-configured encoder to you) or through wirecast or OBS encoders. This range of video streaming services provides a world class service for organisations with video streaming and production needs. But also gives studios, video production companies, or organisations the ability to turn video streams into video events.

With these self service capabilities, we can also add our remote managed service, so your event and on-the-ground team can be supported. Basically, we can run the online events fully and the team deal with video capture into the encoder.

Social Media Syndication

The world of live online video is really coming of age. Platforms like Facebook have built-in support for live video streaming as part of their standard capabilities. As a webinar producer, you generally want to reach as big an audience as possible and, whenever possible, in a format your customers want. Facebook Live is brilliant, but it’s all about phone generated video - which is not ideal for most businesses who want a more structured way of interacting, and who want to support video with PowerPoint slides and many presenters.

This is where WorkCast syndication comes in.

With WorkCast, our in-stream technology converts your webinar into a single, live video stream. One advantage of this, is that we can then push that video stream into any platform that supports live. This means you can syndicate your webinar to Facebook, YouTube and many more.

Ultimately, you probably want to capture data about your attendees, so just doing Facebook is probably not suitable either. Syndication lets you broadcast to many channels in a simulcast but still have the full live event for the best engagement.

Some customers also use this as a ‘teaser’ to bring more attendees to their event by only playing part of the live event through Facebook.

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